Quick Drying  Enamels:-RAL-5001

Type: Single Pack Air Drying Type.

Composition:Quick Set Acrylic Based Resin(Suitably Pigmented)

Mixing Ratio: Thinner Addittion---25-30% of Paint

Shelf Life: 12 mths.

Application: Conventional Spray only.

Uses: On Primered/Non Primered  M.S. Fabricated Jobs, Structures, Railings,Furniture,etc.

Sr.No.           Properties                                Specifications

1)                    Colour                           As per RAL5001

2)            Appearance                              Matt/Semi-Glossy/Glossy & Smooth

3)            Specific Gravity                      1.05---1.15Kg/L.

4)            Viscosity                         120--130Secs in Ford CupB4(at 25to30D.C.)

5)          Covering Capacity                   85—95Sq.Ft./L. per coat

6)          D.F.T.                                     30—40 microns per coat

7)         Drying Time:

            a) Touch Dry                              5--10 mins.

           b) Surface Dry                            60mins--1Hrs.

            c) Hard Dry                               12—16Hrs.

8)       Overcoat Interval                         16—20Hrs.

9)      Scratch Hardness                         Up to 2 Kg.wt.

10)    Flexibility                                   No cracking of film at 180 degrees.

11)    Thinner Recommended               Fast Drying Thinner/N.C.Thinner

Directions For Use: 1)The surface to be painted has to be primered properly.If not primered it should be thoroughly cleaned by using Cleaning Thinner so as to remove oil,grease,moisture,dust,etc. For Rusty surfaces Antirust or Rust Remover should be used.

2)After Cleaning the surface/job has to be made rough by rubbing thoroughly by suitable Emery paper or wire brush if necessary.

3)The Q.D.Enamel  has to be mixed thoroughly before application.&25-30% Fast Drying Thinner or N.C. Thinner has to be mixed with the enamel and stirred properly before spraying.

4)Spray Viscosity of the Paint has to be maintained at about 20—23secs in Ford Cup B4.Spray Application Pressure should be maintained at 25—30lbs so as to get uniform coating thickness and superior finish and to avoid overcoat or sagging.

5)After painting the job has to be kept for airdrying in a dry, dust free environment for about 16—20Hrs. 

6)Painted jobs are to be tested only after 72Hrs. Airdry.

7)Baking of the painted jobs is not recommended as due to Baking the film gets affected above 500C and so it does not dry properly.

Precautions:1)The painting has to be done at a uniform air pressure of 25-35lbs.

2) The containers are to be kept airtight after use.

3) The paint  has to be mixed thoroughly before each use.

4) Application should be done in open dry weather, but avoid windy climate.

5) Use mask while painting.


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