Technical Data Sheet :-

A) Technical Properties:-

1)Product Name:-H.R.Matt Black Paint(450D.C.)

2) Heat Resistant Coating with wide range of application.

3)Heat Resistance upto 450D.C.

4)Good Weather and Water Resistance.

5)Colour shade---Matt Black

6)Finish—Smooth and Matt

7)Volume Solids—30%

8)Recommended D.F.T.—25—30Microns per coat.


10)Baking Schedule:-200D.C.—1Hr.

11)Air Drying:-a)Touch Dry—1Hr.

                         b)Surface Dry----2Hrs.

                         c) Hard Dry----24Hrs.

                         d)Full Cure—Only at 200D.C. and 1Hr.

12)Overcoating—After 24 Hrs

13)Shelf Life:--12 months(in cool and dry place)

14)Flash Point:-More than 25D.C.

Directions For Use:-

1)Sand Blast the surface to be painted to remove the rust thoroughly or for removing loose rust use pretreatment chemicals and sand by using emery paper.

2)Application of Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer is necessary for good adhesion and corrosion resistance.

3)Stir thoroughly paint together and Apply H.R.Matt Black Paint(450D.C.) after 24Hrs. of Primer Application ,at low air pressure of about 20-25 lbs. so as to have 25—30Microns D.F.T. per coat.

4)Addittion of thinner is recommended for proper application.

5)Brush Application is to be avoided.

Safety Information:-1)Avoid Inhalation of Paint and Thinner

                                2) Avoid Contact with Skin and Eyes.

                                3)Store the Paint in Cool, Dry and Ventilated Place.

                                4)Always use proper protective equipment at the time of  spraying.

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