H.R.Alluminium Paint—600D.C.

Type: Single Pack Air Drying Type/Stoving.

Composition: Silicone Medium with Leafing Alluminium paste.

Application: Conventional Spray only.

Uses: For storage tanks,pipes,structural steel,chimneys,ovens,boiler parts,ductings,exhaust pipes,silencers,etc.

Sr.No.           Properties                                Specifications

1)                    Colour                           Bright Silver Lustre.

2)           Appearance                             Glossy & Smooth

3)           Specific Gravity                     0.95—1Kg/L.

4)           Viscosity                           20-25Secs in Ford CupB4(at 30to35D.C.)

5)         Covering Capacity                  85—95Sq.Ft./L. per coat

6)         D.F.T.                                      15--20 microns per coat

7)        Drying Time:

           a) Touch Dry                              3--4 Hrs

           b) Surface Dry                            6----8Hrs.

           c) Hard Dry                               16—20Hrs.

8)      Overcoat Interval                        20—24Hrs.

9)      Full Cure                                      7days.

9)     Scratch Hardness                        Up to 1 Kg.wt.

10)   Flexibility                                   No cracking of film at 180 degrees.

11)   Temprature Resistance               Upto 600D.C.(after total curing)

  Directions For Use:  The surface to be painted has to be pretreated properly to remove the rust,oils,grease,water,etc.The Paint has to be mixed with the paste in proper proportion thoroughly before application. 

No thinner should be used after proper mixing.Filter the mixture through thin muslin cloth so as to get dusrfree finish.

After painting the job has to be kept for airdrying in a dry, dust free environment.For  best results Bake the job after painting at 200D.C. for1Hr.

Painted jobs are to be tested only after 72Hrs. Airdry.

Note:-For Higher D.F.T. eg.50—90microns:-Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer is only recommended before application of H.R.Alluminium(4500C or 6000C).

Advantages of Baking:-1)H.R. Alluminium is manufactured by using Silicon Resin which has got a very High Melting Point  i.e. about 1800C—2000C.

2)Alluminium Paste used is Leafing Type which is very soft and has got a very good Heat Resistance of more than 4500C—6000C only after baking at High Tempratures as mentioned above.

H.R.All.Paste and Silicone Resin together get fused with each other only at High Tempratures and form a uniform abrasion and heat resistant film on the metal substrates.

3)By Baking Adhesion of the Paint film is very much improved and further it saves time as compared to Air-Drying Process which takes more than 48Hrs to get Hard Dry and proper adhesion and Heat Resistance.

4)Baking is very much advisable in Humid Conditions and to avoid moisture 

While painting. 

Precautions:1)The painting has to be done at a uniform air pressure of


2) The containers are to be kept airtight after use.

3) The medium has to be mixed thoroughly before each use.

4) Application should be done in open dry weather,but avoid windy climate.

5) Use mask while painting.

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