Technical Data Sheet

                             ETCH  PRIMER Or WASH PRIMER:-

This primer is recommended for use on Alluminium Cladding,Galvanised Iron Rails or pipes,Metal Sprayed Steel gantries,etc.It can be used on all non-ferrous metals.

This is a 2pack system specially designed for passivating the metal and ensuring very good adhesion to G.I.,Alluminium,Light Alloys,etc.

It can be overcoated with all types of other conventional metal primers eg. Red-Oxide,Grey Surfacer Primer,Chlorubber Based Primers,Epoxy Base Primers and P.U.Primers.

Composition:-Its a two pack system with a Phosphoric Acid Based Hardner., and the Resin component is based on Polyvinyl Butyral Resin pigmented with rust inhibitive pigments.

Mixing Ratio:-Base:Hardner---3:1 by volume.

Pot Life:-4—6Hrs.

Application:-Brush or Conventional spray(Brush Application preferred for better D.F.T. and good passivation.)

Recommended D.F.T.:-6—8microns per coat.

Theoretical Coverage:-12.5—16.5 Sq.Mtr./L.

Drying Time:-Touch Dry—15—20mins.

                     Surface Dry--- 60-80mins.

                        Hard Dry----2Hrs.

Overcoating interval:-Min—2Hrs.


Flash Point—Above 25 degreesC.

Colour—Yellowish Green


Thinner:-Epoxy Thinner


Shelf Life:-12 months.

Temprature Resistance:-80—100degreesC.


Abrasion resistance:-Good

Chemical Resistance:-Fair.

Surface Preparation:-The non ferrous surface to be applied must be properly degreased by using proper solvent and the surface should be free from humidity and moisture.The salt and other dust particles should be removed thoroughly.

Application:-Both the components of the paint should be properly mixed with each other before application.To take care of run downs and sags Brush Painting is recommended to get the appropriate D.F.T.(6—8microns).

Overcoating:-Recommended Overcoat is by Zinc Chrome or Zinc Phosphate Primers and the top coat can be Enamel Paints for normal protection and for highly anti corrosive protection Epoxy Primers and Top Coats is recommended.

Overcoating should be done within 24Hrs.

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