Epoxy Base M.I.O.

Type: Two Pack Air Drying Type.

Composition:Epoxy Resin & Polyamide Cured.

Mixing Ratio: Base : Hardner---3:1

Thinner Addittion: 10-15% of mixed paint.

Shelf Life: 6 mths.

Pot Life: 2-3Hrs.

Application: Conventional Spray or Airless Spray only.

Uses: On  M.S. Fabricated Jobs, Structures, Railings,Furniture,etc. for Good Chemical Resistance,Humidity Resistance,etc.It is used as an Intermediate Coat after application of Epoxy Base Zn.Ph. Primer. It can be overcoated with Epoxy,Polyurethane topcoats.

Sr.No.           Properties                                Specifications

1)                    Colour                            Chocolate Brown/Grey

2)           Appearance                             Matt & Smooth

3)           Specific Gravity                     1.35---1.45Kg/L.

4)           Viscosity                              3-5mins in Ford CupB4(at 30to35D.C.)

5)         Covering Capacity                  55—65Sq.Ft./L. per coat

6)         D.F.T.                                     75—100 microns per coat

7)        Drying Time:

           a) Touch Dry                              3--4 Hrs.

           b) Surface Dry                            8---10Hrs

           c) Hard Dry                               20—24Hrs.

8)      Overcoat Interval                        16—20Hrs.

9)     Scratch Hardness                        Up to 3 Kg.wt.

10)   Flexibility                                   No cracking of film at 180 degrees.

11)   Thinner Recommended              Epoxy Thinner

12)   Resistance Properties                 Water, Humidity,Mild Acids &                  


  Directions For Use: The surface to be painted has to be  properly free of Rust,Grease,Water,etc.The Epoxy M.I.O. has to be mixed thoroughly and then mixed with hardner in 3:1 ratio. 25%--30% Epoxy Thinner  has to be mixed with the mixture and stirred properly before spraying.

After painting the job has to be kept for airdrying in a dry, dust free environment.

Painted jobs are to be tested only after 72Hrs. Airdry.

Precautions:1)The painting has to be done at a uniform air pressure of 25-35lbs.

2) The containers are to be kept airtight after use.

3) The epoxy primer has to be mixed thoroughly before each use.

4) Application should be done in open dry weather,but avoid windy climate.

5) Use mask while painting.

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